Green InterTraffic project specialists held the meeting with participants of the online training developed for representatives of the Finnish project target group

On October 30, the online meeting of Green InterTraffic project specialists- authors of the training “Traffic exhaust gas emissions and road weather forecasts”, and participants of the course was held. The course was developed within the framework of the Green InterTraffic project and is aimed at representatives of the Finnish project target group.

During the meeting, project specalists, representatives of LUT University and Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), highlighted issues related to the participation and completion of the course.

This course consists of four topics, such as Air Quality, Road Weather Forecasts and Applications, Road Traffic Emissions Calculation and Analysis, and Eurasian Supply Chains: Total Costs, Lead Time and Emissions. Participants may complete the course by passing corresponding online exams for each of the mentioned topics. Completion will earn the participants a certificate proving their knowledge on the topics of this course.

The organized event went as planned and stimulated curious discussion regarding all the course topics. In addition to introducing the organizers and their topics, Ida-Reetta Virranjoki (FMI) showcased road weather applications that can be used by end users to investigate road weather conditions in Finland and on Highway E18 from Finland to St. Petersburg. Also, Emmi Laukkanen (FMI) presented results from AQT 420 Sensors on Highway E18, which measure air quality on this road. Many of the participants were not familiar with these solutions and expressed their need to use them in their day-to-day life.

While there will not be anymore events such as the one on October 30th, the online materials and exams shall remain accessible until December 31st, 2020. We invite everyone to study the online video lectures and complete the online exams (links to the lectures and exams are listed below).

Video lectures:

Air Quality (Introduction):

Air Quality, part 1:

Air Quality, part 2:

Air Quality, part 3:

Air Quality, part 4:

Road Weather Forecasting:

Applications of Road Weather Forecasts:

Road Traffic Emissions Calculation and Analysis:

Eurasian Supply Chains: Total Costs, Lead Time and Emissions:


Air Quality:

Road Weather:

Road Traffic Emissions:

Eurasian Supply Chains:

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06 November 2020