Training of target group participants is the focus of discussion of project partners

Project Management group online meeting of the Green InterTraffic project was held on November 3.

The main issue was the training of the project's target groups, which, due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, was decided to be conducted online. The course for Finnish companies started on October 1. On October 30, participants met with Finnish experts and course authors. In Russia, similar training starts on November 20, and a meeting with the authors of the training is scheduled for December 17. The course participants will learn how to assess transport pollution, approaches to reducing the burden on the environment, and how to conduct road weather observations.

The project partners also discussed a number of current issues, including completing work on GIS maps presented on the project website, preparing a report on the results of AQT sensor measurements, conducting a survey of companies evaluating Road maps, etc.

05 November 2020