The article of the Green Intertraffic project partner is published in the Journal of Shipping and Trade

The article by Mr. Oskari Lähdeaho, the Junior Researcher at LUT University, a partner of the Green InterTraffic project, is published in the Journal of Shipping and Trade.

The article entitled "Maritime supply chain sustainability: South-East Finland case study" is devoted to the study of the HaminaKotka seaport complex in South-East Finland. Special attention is paid to the importance of the highway E18 for this region, which is the сentral research object of the Green InterTraffic project.

The main conclusions of the author of the study concerning highway E18:

•          Highway E18 is relevant for multimodal transport chains in South-East Finland. Infrastructure on this highway is adequate, however bottlenecks occur in the intersections between smaller road, constraining the cargo flows.

•          Companies operating in HaminaKotka seaport complex are increasing efforts towards environmental sustainability. While not yet implemented in road transports, alternative fuels are interesting opportunity for those companies.

•          Especially, electric vehicles are seen appealing for local road transportations of cargo.

The full version of the article can be found in the "Materials" section at the link: or on the journal's website: .

Mr. Oskari Lähdeaho actively researches issues related to the use of highway E18 by transport companies. So, he prepared and conducted a survey of more than 900 companies working in the field of logistics, transport and forwarding. The results of the survey can be found at the link: .

08 October 2020