We invite you to participate in the online course on traffic exhaust gas emissions and road weather forecasts

Due to the recent development of the COVID-19 situation and associated restrictions in meetings and traveling, the course on traffic exhaust gas emissions and road weather forecasts planned as a part of the Green InterTraffic project is implemented entirely online. 

We invite you to take part in an online meeting on Friday 30th of October at 10 am to kick-off the course.

About the course:

The course consists of 9 video lectures covering the four main topics of the course. In addition, you may complete the four web-based test quizzes, which will earn you a certificate showing you have completed this course.

The video lectures can be found behind the links below:

Air Quality (Introduction): https://youtu.be/ElzjB2VoONo

Air Quality, part 1:  https://youtu.be/Bs89oF-VAjc

Air Quality, part 2: https://youtu.be/hBQK3e6DJMQ

Air Quality, part 3: https://youtu.be/x-JcH2y8MHc

Air Quality, part 4: https://youtu.be/xKegc1cN4Ik

Road Weather Forecasting: https://youtu.be/KUV7dZA99Rc

Applications of Road Weather Forecasts: https://youtu.be/XbotlktdKNY

Road Traffic Emissions Calculation and Analysis: https://youtu.be/1cEiXgVNOKc

Eurasian Supply Chains: Total Costs, Lead Time and Emissions: https://youtu.be/lwzNBtukWSQ

The corresponding quizzes can be found from the list below. These tests are using multiple choice format. Each right answer nets you one point, and you will have to get more than half of the total points to pass. Your result (pass/fail) will be displayed after you submit your answer. Each test has a maximum of three tries. There is no time limit during the attempt. For the certificate, you will have to pass all the four tests.


Air Quality: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/2CA8F752A79F5F69

Road Weather: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/91A0A59243EE3548

Road Traffic Emissions: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/6ED701EC75222F54

Eurasian Supply Chains: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/FA98F1036B83D8DD


To register as a participant please contact Oskari Lähdeaho, Junior Research Assistant/Lappeenranta University of Technology, by e-mail: oskari.lahdeaho@lut.fi.

18 September 2020