At the Workshop «Road Weather and Air Quality on the road E18» participants were presented the results achieved by the project

On September 10, within the framework of the Russian-Finnish project Green InterTraffic, the Workshop for Finnish representatives of the project target groups «Road Weather and Air Quality on the road E18» was held. Due the pandemic circumstances the event was held as a webinar. Participants were Finnish representatives of the project's target groups.   

The main topics were research co-operation between Russia and Finland in Road Weather and in Air Quality, Road Transport emission on highway E18, results from the air quality assessment & sensor measurements along the road.

Common model to improve the road safety and eco-friendly traffic with GIS-tools in co-operation with Finland and Russia, Green Roadmaps to improve the environmentally friendly traffic and new products in the Road weather also were presented. According to the questionnaire, the participants wished to expand the pilot products produced on the road E18 also to other cross-border and federal roads as well.

You can view the presentations of the participants at the link:

16 September 2020