Green InterTraffic project partners discussed of the current tasks

The Project Management group online meeting of the Green InterTraffic project was held on June 23.

The main topics of the meeting were the upcoming publication of the Common Model to improve the road safety and eco-friendly traffic with GIS-tools in co-operation with Finland and Russia on the project's website, as well as the project partners finalized of their materials for the Educational complex.

Another important issue was the preparation of a Workshop for Finnish companies-representatives of the project's target groups. The event program is currently being developed and will involve both Finnish and Russian partners of the project.

It was noted that, in general, work on the Russian and English versions of the Green Roadmaps has been completed. In the near future, they will also be available on the project's website, it will be announced later.

The next online meeting is scheduled for July 7.

25 June 2020