Green InterTraffic Experts Discussed the Research Work Progress

March 27, 2019 in the framework of the Project Green InterTraffic was held of the Workshop for researchers, environmental experts/specialist. This event was opened and lead by Dr. Ludmila Karelina, Project Manager, Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Emmi Laukkanen, Head of Group in Air Quality and Energy of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, made the presentation on emission calculations and air quality modeling on the E-18.

Oskari Lahdeaho, Junior Research Assistant at the Lappeenranta University of Technology spoke about the LUT role in project implementation and the emissions estimation of the most important types, such as ozone precursors, greenhouse gases, oxidizing agents, etc.

Ida-Reetta Virranjoki, Head of the Road Weather Modeling Group of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, informed on the work on weather forecasting on the road. The topic of development and presentation of the final project results was touched - road weather (FMI), road weather (IRAM), precipitation maps, thermal road model reflecting the condition of the road surface.

Russian project partners were also took part in the WS’s discussion: Transport Integration, IRAM, SPU. The main discussed issues: details of measurements, calculation methods, modeling, forecast verification system, etc.

Dmitry Samulenkov, director of the Resource Center "Ecological Safety Laboratory» of the SPU Science Park  informed about creation of the Educational Complex in the frame of the Project with cooperation of FMI, LUT, IRAM and target project groups.

The Seminar “Common Green Approach” will be held at 22 May 2019.  with the preliminary project researchers results to present it to the project targets groups.

28 March 2019