A Common Model to improve the road safety and eco-frendly traffic on the E18 road will bring together the results of the Green InterTraffic project

The Project Management group online meeting of the Green InterTraffic project was held on May 6. It was devoted to the development of a Common Model to improve the road safety and eco-friendly traffic with GIS-tools in co-operation with Finland and Russia. Ludmila Karelina, project manager, vice-president of the SPbCCI, held the meeting.

Emmi Laukkanen, the head of the Air Quality Group of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), presented the proposed diagram of the Common Model. "This model brings together all the elements – weather data, emissions information, and traffic data. This will allow us to draw high-quality conclusions and give calculations for different groups of users," she said. The tools that will be open for all interested stakeholders can be used for different tasks such as road maintenance, trip planning, cargo transport decisions, etc.

The final version of the Model will be placed to one of the main pages of the project website with the ability to go from each block to the corresponding GIS. The project partners will continue to discuss further steps to develop the Model at the next meeting, which will be hold on May 11.

07 May 2020