The scientific article of the partners of the Green InterTraffic project is published in the international journal Sustainability

The article by Dr. Olli-Pekka Hilmola, Professor of Lappeenranta Technological University, and Oskari Lahdeaho, Junior research assistant at LUT, partners of the Green InterTraffic project, is published in the international interdisciplinary scientific journal Sustainability. The article entitled "Business Models Amid Changes in Regulation and Environment: The Case of Finland–Russia" was part of the Special Issue "Sustainable Mobility and Transport".

In the study the impact of regulation changes and ways to benefit from those in Finland and Russia are examined. Logistics and manufacturing companies are studied using the case study approach including ten semi-structured interviews (Finland and Russia) and a survey (Southeast Finland), further supported by an additional survey for logistics sector companies (Southeast Finland). The study revealed that the companies are not well prepared for environmental demands in logistics. They do not actively pursue the possibilities of new technologies. Besides the study helps to explain the current trends in an established market.

The full version of the article is available in the section "Materials" or on the publisher's website.

23 April 2020