The Survey on usage of highway E18 by transportation companies provided by LUT

Aim of this survey is to explore the development of international road traffic between Finland and Russia from the point of view of relevant companies operating in logistics, transportation and forwarding industry. These companies remain as one of the important target groups of the Green InterTraffic project as well as any general development or investments aimed towards road infrastructure. In addition, in the description of responsibilities for Green InterTraffic, LUT was assigned to establish connections to external companies to benefit the project through inbound feedback for the project (e.g., current state of infrastructure on highway E18) and outbound dissemination of project results (e.g., workshops).

It was important to include this group to the stakeholders of Green InterTraffic project, since they are daily users of highway E18, thus possessing invaluable insight on the road and acting as arguably the most relevant group of beneficiaries. For this purpose, survey offers a great way to communicate efficiently with a large group of companies (in this case, the pool of recipients for the survey was 919 companies. To reinforce communication with the recipient companies, survey included questions for interest to participate to the project workshops and further interviews.

Out of the 919 companies 56 answered to the survey, which stands for response rate of 6.1 %. Generally, the results indicate that growth of the road freight business is somewhat stagnating, and international traffic between Finland and Russia is decreasing to some degree. However, highway E18 is seen as safe and fluently working road, and investments towards it have been successful: majority of the companies indicated that these infrastructure investments have benefited directly their business activities. The amount of air pollutants and greenhouse gases are subject to reduction actions, and companies are slowly adopting alternative fuels to reduce the emissions produced from their activities on this road.

This Survey will be continue also for Russian companies for evaluation of project developed documents: the Green (using of vehicles with engine for alternative fuels) Roadmap and the Roadmap for creation the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for unmanned vehicles (SPb-Helsinki).

The results of the survey are available at the link:

04 March 2020