The project partners discussed the Green Roadmaps development with target groups companies

On December 12, within the framework of the Green InterTraffic project, a seminar on the development of Green Roadmaps was held. Among them was the Global Bus Ltd., Tretiy Park  Jsc., Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, State Research and Design Center of Saint Petersburg Master Plan, Association of participants of road and bridge industry DORMOST, a branch of the Association of international road transport in the North-Western Federal district and others.
Representatives of the Transport Integration Ltd. Vladislav Pavlov and Yuri Popov highlighted the range of activities proposed in the framework of the Green Roadmap aimed at expanding the use of vehicles running on alternative fuels, and the Roadmap for the creation of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS). The objectives of these activities include: improving the energy efficiency of vehicles running on traditional fuels; increase in the number of vehicles using alternative fuels with lower specific emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful substances; development of transport infrastructure and mobility management to reduce irrational mileage, reduce the burden on the environment. It is expected that by 2025 the roads in the route St. Petersburg-Helsinki will be brought to the parameters of high-speed roads throughout. The share of vehicles with environmental class Euro-4 and above will reach 70% in the regions of the route's gravity zone in Russia, and the share of alternative fuels will increase to 10%.
Project partners and participating companies made a number of proposals to improve the Roadmaps. It was decided to send the available work to the representatives of the target group for more detailed comments. 
Oskari Lahdeaho, Junior research assistant at Lappeenranta Technological University, presented the results of a survey of 56 Finnish transport companies on the quality of the E18 road. The respondents assessed the condition of the road is generally good. 77% of respondents called the road important for their work, 93% believe that the investment in E18 was justified. As for the transition to alternative fuels, the desire of companies in this direction is moderate.
Presentations of the companies participating in the seminar were held, during which their representatives spoke about the developments and services offered.
After this event, Project management group meeting was held, where current issues were resolved and plans for the next year were discussed.

16 December 2019