Project Managers Green InterTraffic and Green ReMark discussed of the future cooperation

On July 10, the meeting was held between of the Green InterTraffic project manager, vice-president of the Saint-Petersburg  Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ludmila Karelina and Green ReMark project manager, professor of Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University Yuri Nurulin on opportunities for cooperation.

Both projects are implemented within the framework of the South-East Finland-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020. The Green ReMark project is focused on electric vehicles and aims to explore the possibilities of developing the infrastructure of charging stations. Its tasks include the development of a technical solution for charging stations (quantity, capacity, location and calculation of efficiency), as well as an attempt to assess the prospects in terms of costs and business models used.

In the frame of the Green InterTraffic Project will be development of the Green (using of vehicles with engine for alternative fuels) Roadmap (SPb-Helsinki), including definition of the best places for facilities fuelling and service infrastructure (charging stations for electric vehicles, to compressed natural gas refuelling vehicles and Cryo PStation for refuelling of liquefied natural gas vehicles); introduction of environmental monitoring programs on vehicles and transport enterprises etc.

The meeting discussed organizational measures to support electric vehicles (preferential rates, free parking spaces, etc.), as well as issues of their environmental impact associated with the disposal of batteries and the reduction of air pollution, as well as the placement of gas stations for electric vehicles along E18.

The participants agreed that both projects could complement each other. Ludmila Karelina will send the form of the Green Roadmap, which will be developed within the framework of the Green InterTraffic to Prof. Yuri Nurulin to add it with the data on electric vehicles.

20 July 2019