Green InterTraffic will be presented on the Europe Forum Turku 29-31.8.2019

The Project Management Group Meeting was held June 28, in Kouvola, on the LUT Kouvola unit (Lappeenranta- Lahti University of Technology).

Dr. Ludmila Karelina, the project leader, vice-president of the Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry informed that the Managing Authority of the South-East Finland –Russia CBC invited the Project to participate in the Europe Forum Turku, which will held at the end of August.

The European Forum brings together representatives of different public organizations, experts and citizens. During the seminars, panel discussions and other events, the parties conduct a constructive dialogue on the significance and development of the European Union. The opportunity to present the Green InterTraffic Project at this important place will be an event in its activities and results achieved.

The participants discussed issues related to the development of road maps that will be available online on the project website - precipitation maps, thermal model of the road, etc. Attention was paid to the publication of further data on air quality along the E18 road received from sensors. It is expected that gas and polluting particles sensors –AQT, Vaisala on the Finnish territory will be installed in August this year, on the Russian - in September.

Prof. Olli-Pekka Hilmola, project researcher manager (LUT), and Emmi Laukkanen, local project manager (FMI) presented their research and development, materials, prepared for the Manual for the project target groups. Thus, the publication will include base data, sources for obtaining it, a list of assumptions, methods for calculating emissions and practical examples. The company "Transport Integration" will process the available information, supplement it and adapt it for Russian terms.

Alexey Vorontsov, the General Director of Transport Integration, made a presentation on the development of the Green Road Map. He noted its two main directions - the development of an intelligent transport system and the use of vehicles with engines on alternative types of fuel, which are currently being developed in Russia. For comparison, in our country there are 35 thousand units of the Gas stations, 3.8 thousand units AGZS and only 361 units of the CNG filling stations, intended for filling all types of transport, designed to work on compressed natural gas.

Other important topics of the meeting were the creation of the educational complex, the development of the common model of the ecological status of the E18, and experimental measurements. The next meeting is scheduled for September 11, 2019.

01 July 2019