The Green InterTraffic project Final Conference was held

On March 25, the Green InterTraffic project Final Conference was held, where the results of its implementation were summed up. The event was held in a mixed format – most of the participants from Russia and Finland joined online, and the offline part was held at the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dr. Ludmila Karelina, Project Leader, vice-president of the SPbCCI, introduced the project partners and thanked them for their contribution to its implementation.

Harri Pietarila, Local project manager, FMI, welcomed the partners and participants, stressed the main project outputs. Dr. Olli-Pekka Hilmola, Local project manager, LUT, thanked all the partners for the excellent results and the opportunity to cooperate.

Eini Arponen (Managing Authority) and Ekaterina Kuznetsova (Branch Office) welcomed the participants from the South-East Finland - Russia CBC Programme. Eini Arponen stressed that the project has achieved significant results and made a great contribution to the implementation of the environmental priority of the Programme. Ekaterina Kuznetsova congratulated the project team on its completion and noted that the project also has an important role in the implementation of such tasks as improving public health, improving transport safety and economic efficiency.

Boris Krylov, Director of the Association of Environmental Partnerships, Vice-Chairman of the Environmental Council of St. Petersburg, congratulated the project partners on the successful completion of the work. "We have observed how the project is going, and at the completion stage we see that practical results have been obtained. The created air quality control system on this route will allow not only to control, but also to make management decisions that will help reduce the load on the environment," he commented.

The project partners made presentations in the areas that they implemented within the framework of the project.

The presentation by Harri Pietarila (FMI) was dedicated to mitigating impacts of air pollution through cross-border cooperation in air quality monitoring. Dmitry Samulenkov (SPbU) spoke about the lidar sounding of the atmosphere along the Scandinavia route. Jani Poutiainen (FMI) highlighted the issue of enhancing the road safety through cross-border cooperation in road weather services. Mark Vinogradov (IRAM) informed about the role of improving meteorological support in improving transport safety. Road traffic emissions calculation and analysis was covered in detail by Oskari Lähdeaho (LUT). Representatives of the Transport Integration company told about the roadmaps developed within the project. Vladislav Pavlov presented the Green Road Map of the St. Petersburg-Helsinki road, and Yury Popov presented the Roadmap for the creation of an ITS.

The speakers stressed that all the submitted materials and developments are in the public access. You can study them on the project's website .

Representatives of companies and organizations that are part of the project's target group shared their opinions of working together. "Our institute prepares national reports under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution for submission to the UN through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation. Estimating emissions from transport is a task that greatly affects the accuracy of data, including for national reporting. Therefore, the experience where modeling is combined with assessments "on the ground", with verification from ground stations - this is certainly a very valuable experience that we would like to study in more detail to understand how it can be used for our work, " commented Alexander Romanov (SRI “Atmosphere”). Nikolay Shoshkov (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus) noted that the company's representatives participated in various project events, prepared their proposals for the Green Roadmap and the Roadmap for the creation of an ITS, and were trained in the Educational complex. "It was very useful, especially taking account the perspectives of using of the alternative fuels" he added, and expressed gratitude to the project partners for the highly professional materials.

At the end of the event, Dr. Ludmila Karelina thanked all for participation in the conference and fruitful cooperation within the framework of the project.

26 March 2021