The Educational Complex developed within the framework of the Green InterTraffic project is open for all interested parties

The online course "Methods for assessing pollution caused by road transport and approaches to reduce the environmental impacts", developed by specialists and experts of the Green InterTraffic project team, is open for all interested parties.

In the framework of the course, which consists of 9 topics, it is proposed to self-study of educational materials (video lectures, presentations and other special materials), as well as to pass a test on each topic. Participants who have completed the training course and successfully passed the tests will receive the Certificate.

This course will lead the students to understand the influence of the road transport emissions to climate and air quality. The educational complex presents also means how the road traffic safety can be improved by following the road weather forecasts in road maintenance and in trip scheduling.

Specific examples will show how to obtain estimates of greenhouse gas emissions and other air emissions from cross-border traffic into the atmosphere. Particular consideration will be given to assessing the impact of road transport on air quality, and WHO guidance documents on air quality will be presented.

Special attention will be paid to weather conditions and their impact on transport and environmental safety. Methods of meteorological observations on highways and weather forecasting for highways will be considered. The course contains examples of organizing meteorological observations and weather forecasting to increase traffic safety on the E-18 highway. Students will become familiar with the equipment of stationary and mobile lidar complexes designed for the operational determination of atmospheric aerosols.

We invite you to take part in the online course. To start learning, sign up at the link:

18 January 2021