Based on the results of measurements of innovative AQT sensors, the project partners prepared the Report on air quality on the E18 St. Petersburg-Helsinki highway

The partners of the Green InterTraffic project have prepared the Report on air quality on the E18 highway between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. As part of the study, which aimed to study the environmental impact of road transport, an analysis of the current situation and future prospects for the target year 2035 was carried out.

The analysis was carried out using dispersion modeling and measurement results obtained using innovative Finnish-made AQT sensors. In 2019, as part of the project, 2 sensors were installed on the Russian and Finnish territories of the route.

The values of nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter concentrations were also compared with the air quality standards established by WHO.

The calculations took into account the prospects for the development of the fleet and traffic flow, changes in the speed of motor transport. When performing the emission calculations, the specific features of the vehicles of both countries were taken into account as much as possible.

The Russian version of the Report can be found here:

The English version is available by link:

12 January 2021