Documents of the project
The Analyses of the feedback from the participants of the Project Target Group – Russian and Finnish companies/Assessment of the Green and ITS Roadmaps for unmanned Vehicles of the E18 download
Report on the results of the Green Roadmaps assessment survey download
Report on the Health Risk Assessment of Human Exposure to Ambient Air Chemical Emissions from Scandinavia Highway Traffic download
Summary of the Report on the results of lidar measurements of atmospheric pollution by aerosol particles over the Scandinavia highway download
Air Quality Report. Air Quality Survey of the road E18 between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg download
The Green Roadmap and the Roadmap for the creation of an Intelligent Transport System for unmanned vehicles of the E18 ( SPb-Helsinki) download
The Manual of the Estimating Greenhouse Gas and other Air Emissions of the Road Traffic download
Draft of the Green Roadmaps download
Special Survey (Russian Version) download
Special Survey (English Version) download