Green InterTraffic Project invites carriers and logistics companies to a survey for proposals to improve efficiency and safety of motor transportation along St. Petersburg – Helsinki route (that includes A-181 Scandinavia federal highway).

The survey is run by the project titled Enhancing Environmental Safety of Road InterTraffic in the Border Areas of Russia and Finland by Applying Innovation Solutions (Green InterTraffic). The project is a part of The Cross-Border Cooperation Program between Russia and South-East Finland 2014-2020.

The offered questionnaire will assist with arrangement for safe and environmentally sustainable road traffic between Russia and Finland. It will take between 10 to 15 minutes to respond to.

We value your insights and experience and will appreciate your answers.

Confidential treatment of survey responses is assured.

We will appreciate your answering the following questions:

3) * Does your company offer transportation by road between Russia and Finland along the St. Petersburg – Helsinki route? Please tick the “yes” or “no” box.

Yes No
4) What do you carry (Passenger or Freight)? What are your main destinations (start and end points)?
# Transportation Type Main Destinations Main Transported Goods (for Freight Transportation)
1 Passenger Freight
2 Passenger Freight
3 Passenger Freight
5) In your expert assessment, how will the volume of road transportation change for your company at St. Petersburg – Helsinki route by 2030? (growth rate % compared to 2019)
# Transportation Type 2019 2020 2025 2030
1 Passenger Freight 100%
2 Passenger Freight 100%
3 Passenger Freight 100%
* If you carry freight transportation, please name the main types of goods you transport.
6) * On a scale of 1 to 5, how will you assess the St. Petersburg - Helsinki road condition, where 2 = “poor”, 3 = “satisfactory”, 4 = “good” and 5 = “excellent”?
# Segments of the St. Petersburg – Helsinki Road Route Road Surface Condition Enabled speed of road transportation (5 = “high”; 4 = “average”; 3 = “low”; 2 = “frequent delays en route”) Assured traffic safety Available road services (gas stations, rest areas, hotels, information boards, access to the latest data on road surface condition, weather forecast, queues at border crossings, etc.)
1 St. Petersburg - Ogonki
2 Ogonki – Vyborg
3 Vyborg – Torfyanovka border crossing
4 Torfyanovka border crossing (Vaalimaa border crossing in Finland) – Hamina
5 Hamina – Porvoo
6 Porvoo – Helsinki

8) * What fuels (energy) does your company currently use for its vehicles? Please tick the relevant box.

9) * Does your company plan to eventually use any alternative fuel or energy for its vehicles? Please tick the “yes” or “no” box

Yes No

10) If “yes”, please specify the fuels or energy types your company plans to use for its vehicles by ticking the relevant box.

12) * As an expert how will you rate the need for various electronic systems at the St. Petersburg – Helsinki international route? Please use the five-point score (where “5” is the highest):
1 The latest information about the road surface condition and the weather forecast
2 Geo information systems providing data on road and customs infrastructure (including their real-time congestion/workload)
3 Electronic system for exchange of shipping documents
4 Electronic real-time vehicle tracking systems
5 Electronic system for reserving one’s position in a queue at road border crossing checkpoints
6 Electronic systems for prior information and declaration
7 Electronic systems to arrange information interactions via “one-stop-shop”
8 Electronic systems of automatic radio frequency identification (RFID) or similar technologies
9 Electronic systems for use of unmanned and connected vehicles
10 Other systems (please, specify):
* - Required field